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A Gigantic Step into the Future:  Wilhelm Reich and Franz Anton Mesmer 150 years before Reich invented devices that accumulated life energy from the surroundings
Karl Hans Welz invented the Chi Generator (Orgone Generator®), wich, as the name implies, actually generates life energy.

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The Importance of Life Energy (chi, orgone energy, prana) in Power Radionics

The characteristics and function of structural links, or structural connections, is easy to understand. For life energy, distance is result of structural differences. To explain the mechanisms that cause life energy to join a target with a trend, even with structural links coming from abstractions such as the settings of the radionics machine or so-called "magical" or "esoteric" symbols, requires additional knowledge of the characteristics of life energy. Such understanding is still more important, if we want to understand why thought forms develop and why they continue to activate a previously set trend in a target (such as a person) after the original operation (radionics or other action at a distance) has been discontinued.

Certainly, traditional operators knew about this (with the exception of radionics, of course) for thousands of years. This knowledge resulted from their practical experience. Contrary to the average operator of a radionics machine, they knew very well that they had to power their operations with life energy whenever they needed to achieve fast and reliable results. The typical radionics machine, on the other hand, could not bring such an effect, mostly because a lack of the necessary life energy and, most of the time, the lack of intent due to the ignorance of the traditional radionics practitioner as far as the importance of life energy is concerned. Typically, the radionics machine remained turned on until the effect materialized.

With my invention of the Chi Generator® and the introduction of life energy boosted radionics (Power Radionics™), this situation changed dramatically, of course! A radionics operator who works with a Power-Radionics™ machine (life energy boosted radionics machine) can now operate like a traditional practitioner, shaman, priest or magician, and he or she can do this without any previous training, which could last for years sometimes: Now you can set the radionics machine (or the radionics software), run it for an hour or two, allow the thought-form to develop from the radionics operation, turn the device off and wait for the success of the operation. You can repeat such an operation several times in intervals of one or more days.

I will not go into details of an elaborate theory here. I will explain to you in simple terms how radionics works so that you know why the technology of power radionics™ (life energy boosted radionics) is way ahead of traditional radionics technologies.

With my equipment, i.e., the Chi Generators®, I have conducted double blind experiments. I demonstrated that equivalent structural links ("solidified" abstractions such as an arbitrarily set rate in a radionics device, or an arbitrarily designed archetypal symbol) allow transfer of life energy as effectively as near-identical links do.

On the other hand, traditional practitioners could have told us the same thing all along thousands of years ago! All their work and experience have been based on the principle of life energy transfer at any distance. They had the experience, they achieved results, and therefore they needed no experimental proof.  On the other hand, many of these conjurers, priests, etc., assumed the success of their operations of AAD as proof of the belief structures, and conversely they considered their belief structures to provide them with the only explanation of their AAD’s and of the existence of their world as a whole.  This, of course, reminds me of the way of followers of specific religious creeds in our days, who consider the existence of what they call “miracles” – namely AAD’s of some form, as proof of their system, and similar experiences, when happening outside of their creed, they attribute them to the demonic forces:  Explanations without that which I am expecting from a good mapping, namely that, although such explanations may be comprehensive, they lack the discovery of new basic facts and the development of new technologies.

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What Power Radionics™ can do for you - Specifics

The following applications of this extraordinary new technology are based on personal experiences of many proud owners of Chi Generators®, power radionics™ devices and power radionics™ programs.

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